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  Born from an unrelenting desire to provide hassle free, convenient, affordable and reliable motorcycling, we are Spirit Motorcycles. Why the name spirit? Because we take a regular motorcycle, strip it of everything but the basics ;the spirit; and rebuild it with the utmost attention to simplicity, quality, and durability. At this point, beauty becomes a collateral consequence.

Our bikes are based on tried and tested platforms from the biggest manufacturers, complemented with the most modern equipment available today. We provide you with a lifestyle, a new-old way of thinking- so to say. Back to the basics; back to the spirit of motorcycling. We are assiduous scholars of the less is more philosophy. Held up by the minimalist principles of simplicity and timelessness.

Perfection is achieved when there is nothing to take away.

The Spirit Something


Featuring a pushrod overhead valve Yamaha engine, the 106 cc block is designed for bulletproof reliability and ease of maintenance. Oh, and fuel economy is sufficiently minimal at whatever speed, or riding style.


We upgrade all possible components with the highest quality we can get. With high power LED lights all round, a lightweight lithium battery, and all forged aluminium components, this bike is not just lightweight, but durable, and high quality too.


Designed to be a minimal maintenance machine with minimal effort maintenance when the time comes, the Spirit Something (from now on known as something), is designed to be serviceable with the most basic of tools, and to be the easiest motorcycle to learn to maintain on. Should you not be interested in doing the work yourself, something is designed with standard motorcycle specifications in mind. Any reputable motorycle mechanic can service this machine, and all consumable components are standard and easy to access.


We offer a 1 year warranty on something, backed by our manufacturers and suppliers. You can rest easy knowing we got your back, for a year at least. After that, maintenance is simple, with the wear-prone components available locally, and with standard fitment, you can service this motorcycle at any general motorcycle garage, you can even do it yourself.


General :
1782 mm
Handlebar Width
700 mm
Height at Handlebars
1025 mm
Inseam Height
780 mm
72.5 kg
Fuel Delivery
Single Cable operated Mechanical carburetor
Sequential Manual
5 Speed

Performance :
Engine Size
125 cc
0-60 mph
In Noooo Time
Top Speed
80 kph
Power Output
7.5 bhp @ 7500 rpm
2 valve OHC
6.5 Nm 479 lb-ft